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 Opening times and prices below – remember, our times alternate between public school holidays and school terms
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Wednesday 5th August
CLOSED 6 Aug-16 Sept +/-
Stage 3 Restrictions Apply

We hope to be back for the September School Holidays

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2 August 2020

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Geelong returns to Stage 3 restrictions from midnight, Wednesday, 5th of August.

  • Stay home unless it’s appropriate to leave
  • Wear a mask
  • Stay healthy

We do not want Stage 4 so, please be careful and stay well.  We hope to see you in 6 weeks!

School Term Session Times
13 July – 18 September
Opening Times - New for Winter 2020
With the reduction from 300 to 60, and now to 25 people per session, unavoidable changes have taken place. Admission is $16.50* per per person – it includes Roller-skate or Rollerblade hire, if needed – and applies to kids & adults.  Stricter measures applied by the State Government now mean that we can no longer allow free entry to spectators, including non-skating parents. Everyone entering must have a valid ticket, whether skating or not. *$16.50 online price or $18.50 at the door, if available – many sessions sold out, so save time & money and buy online.

What about skating during the week, during the school term?  Monday to Thursday evenings are reserved for hockey leagues, and Monday to Friday daytime, is reserved for school bookings, by appointment.

Kid’s Birthday Parties may be booked during any of our general skating sessions.
Party Info link

NB: Confirmation that you live outside the Melbourne Metro & Mitchell Shire areas may be required

Changes to the guidelines ( and to the Recreational & Sports sectors, especially for those 18 and under, has changed how we can operate. (NB further updates have taken place on 8, 10 & 14 July and not all information is contained here, although all relevant rules will be enforced.)

Play & amusement centres, sporting groups, and other skate centres in Victoria have reached a consensus, in keeping with restrictions and parliamentary advice: as most of our patrons are under 18, and that providing we observe the 4 square metre per person rule, and we have appropriately set up zones, with appropriate number limits, there is no additional new limits to the number of children our centres can accommodate (subject to the max. per venue rules)We are. nevertheless, limiting  numbers to a max. of 20% capacity, or less.

We are still not permitted to have more than 20 adults per zone, and that has not changed, so limits and conditions apply if you are over 18 (19 years of age) and note that we will exceed all requirements by introducing voluntary supplementary limits & procedures, for everyone's protection. NB although we operate two rinks in two buildings and each exceeds 200sqm by a very large margin, we could have 40 adults but we are capping it at 22, including participating & supervising parents. For those under 18, during our general activities, will will cap numbers so that we don't exceed 40 sqm per person (10x the recommended).

Further updates have taken place on 8, 10 & 14 July so please read previous section and follow official links, as it isn't possible to document all changes here, all the time.  We will do what we can, but we WILL enforce rules, including those NOT listed here.

Please read the current restrictions/conditions:

  • 20 adults max/area - please helps us help you by abiding by all COVID-19 rules & notices
  • Anything can change with the "stroke of a pen"
  • Customers must maintain good hygiene and remember the 1.5m social distancing rule
  • Only one supervising parent per group; please stay in appropriate zones
  • So we can open under the current restrictions,  our session structure has changed
  • Self Catered Parties require $2pp corkage charge & Food Management conditions apply
  • Standard & Deluxe Party bookings are available from 17 July
  • Group bookings may need to meet specific requirements
  • Roller Hockey training & practices resumed after the school holidays, but with additional conditions
  • Because of current restrictions & procedures, no discounts or concessions are available
  • The "Outside Food" corkage/surcharge continues to apply at $2 per person (as do any Food Management restrictions).
  • The option to wait for children in your car may not be appealing, so we apologise for that, but we have no choice, if you would rather not pay admission
  • Contact tracing obligations must be met and we are required to be able to identify who attended the centre and when - this is not optional - and we retain the right to exclude people from locked-down areas
  • Entry is $16.50 per person, for everyone, if purchased online.  There will be a $2 surcharge if you buy tickets at the door; please be warned we may have no spare space if you "try your luck" by purchasing tickets on arrival. "First in" applies- proof of residential address may be required


During school holidays, we have extra skating sessions, Monday to Friday, in addition to the weekend times.  Under the current situation, things may change, but the above public session times will be in effect for Term 3.


WiFi & EFTPOS available

Hockey times may vary from those shown
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