This page talks about inline hockey activities at Rollerway.  Some general information, a selection of hockey posts and blog items, and fixture links to our various leagues.

For now, it’s all about getting back to it – safely! Remember, things may change quickly. Hockey ticket link appears below.

3 August UPDATE

With the return to Stage 3 Restriction  from 11:59 Wednesday 5 August, all activities from Thursday, onwards, will be cancelled.  Refunds will be automatically processed for Thursday Div 1 tickets, in due course.

Monday to Wednesday hockey will continue as planned and with current restrictions, although after that we are on hiatus – for an expected 6 weeks.

As always, please check back here and  IIHAA Facebook page for updates.

Because of overwhelming work pressures, responding to texts, emails, Facebook messages, and the like, can be delayed for extended periods – please review the available information and then ring if you need further information or assistance. 

Please call 0411 33 55 44 if urgent.

Stay safe, do the right thing, and we look forward to seeing you all soon!

 14 July UPDATE
Further restrictions on the use of rental protective equipment now apply, particularly for scrimmages.
We WILL be enforcing much stricter measures to ensure NO CONTACT, including “accidental & random or fleeting contact” especially for 19 year olds and older. We DO NOT accept the “basketball” definition of jostling, and you must keep over a stick’s distance from your opponent. Penalties or expulsion from training may apply for even minor breaches. NB WE HAVE THE “DOUBLE STICK” RULE for a 3m space between players on-rink, NOT 1.5m!!
Proof of where you live or work will be required, if you are unknown to us. Rules & conditions may change without notice.

RHL Tickets



Roller Hockey returns 13 July!

From Monday, 13 July we will be having multiple scrimmages per night, corresponding to the leagues that play on the same night.  For example, Monday night will have 4 scrimmages, primarily for Monday Soft Puck players. Tuesday will have Peewee Scrimmages (2 time slots) and Senior Soft Puck Scrimmages (3 time slots – and so on for the rest of the week.

The Soft Puck scrimmages slots will be 40 minutes long and may have up to 16 people able to take part (prices in keeping with their league norm). Hard Puck scrimmages slots will be 60 minutes long, and have a maximum of 18 people per slot (again with league based pricing)

You will need to pre-purchase a ticket online ( the link is now LIVE.  The IIHAA Facebook page will have more day-to-day information, as it develops.


  • Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to your scrimmage time, and ENTER VIA THE REAR ENTRANCE, through the car park, into the training rink area – you may sign in at the second (new) kiosk
  • Try to arrive fully dressed if possible AND SAFE to do so – obviously does NOT include skates!
  • With the Senior leagues, no spectators (only ONE supervising parent if the player is under 18)
  • Scrimmages are NON-CONTACT for over 18’s following 10 July Chief Medical Officer’s edict
  • With the Junior/Intermediate leagues, avoid spectating or a max of ONE supervising parent per player/family
  • Once the previous group has left, please take your gear with you, as you proceed to the main rink and prepare to commence your practice.  (other details TBA)
  • At the completion of your time, please clear the rink immediately, and proceed to the main kiosk area, to remove your skates, AND THEN PLEASE LEAVE THE BUILDING ASAP – do not go back into the training rink area, and do not mingle with players from the next/previous practice – no exceptions (other details TBA)

COVID-19 Notice:  Please maintain social distancing and good hygiene at all times. Maximum numbers per building/area applies to all activities.

Outdoor Rink Reopening

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