This page talks about inline hockey activities at Rollerway.  Some general information, a selection of hockey posts and blog items, and fixture links to our various leagues. (Subject to COVID-19 restrictions)

Rollerway’s Hockey Leagues (RHL) run most of the year and cater to all ages and skill levels.  Our hockey is designed to be fun, very cost effective, and accessible to all.  To save yourself reading about each league individually (menu below) call our hockey info line today: 0411 335544

Restrictions & hockey

The new season is underway, and we will only have a short break over Christmas, this year.

All leagues and all training sessions return to near-normal. Everyone needs a ticket or must sign-in (including a free parent/supervisor ticket) to gain entry.  CLICK FOR TICKETS

As always, please check back here and  IIHAA Facebook page for updates.

  • Please avoid sending texts, emails, Facebook messages, and the like
  • Please review the available information and then ring if you need further info 
  • Please call 0411 33 55 44 if you could not find what you were after

Stay safe, do the right thing, and we look forward to seeing you all soon!
Please remember to follow all safety & hygiene rules, obey all signs/notices, and follow the directions of the coaches & officials.  Thank-you!

Rules & conditions may change without notice.

RHL Tickets


COVID-19 Basics:  Please maintain social distancing and good hygiene at all times.

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