Junior Inline Roller Hockey

Junior Inline Roller Hockey AKA



Peewee Hockey

New Season Team List Below

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Some good news and some “average” news!
Good news – Next season’s team lists are here!

Average news – As new Stage 3 restrictions require us to close from 11:59 Wednesday 5 August, we are postponing the official start of the season to allow for all Tuesday & Thursday Peewees to get a temporary farewell game in ON TUESDAY NIGHT!
Please book your preferred time slot here >> www.bookwhen.com/rhl and stay safe!

*Please note, some changes may take place to teams, so be sure to check back here before we recommence


Try or play Junior Hockey most Thursdays (and/or Tuesdays, too) – except school-term holidays

Also check out:-
Our other Peewee League on Tuesday nights
Our Intermediate League on Wednesday nights

Both of our PEEWEE leagues are now for boys & girls who are (about) 5-10 years of age, although we have had regular players as young as 2! Under some circumstances we can accept players who are a little older, although we will need to assess each case individually. For absolute beginners, 10-12 year-olds will certainly be considered for this league!

What a great way to improve your skating and teamwork skills and have fun! Our junior hockey leagues are about developing the right attitude and learning basic skills in a fun and developmental environment. Special rules protect and encourage the players and make sure boys and girls (and mums & dads) can just have a great time without the pressure and issues that complicate other team sports. Try it!

After a while of “Fun Hockey” you may want to try something a little more competitive. If you do, check out our Intermediate Hockey. SEE HERE (10-13 years of age usually, but may suit 9-14’s)

Fun, first and foremost, and if you only play Peewees until age catches up – that’s perfectly alright too!
Whatever you do, enjoy the season and have FUN!

$10 per person – Hire also available
*Only $9 per person if 2 or more from same family

New Season Team List


1 Lacey Declan Lucy Jackson
2 Belle Jett Trinity Emma
3 Caleb Imogen Pheonix Alice
4 Abby Ivory Jacob Ella
5 Lily Rose Jaxsen Charlotte
6 Nick Abigail Aidan Ruby
7   Aiden Tyrone Zephyr

Because of overwhelming work pressures, responding to texts, emails, Facebook messages, and the like, can be delayed for extended periods – please review the available information and then ring if you need further information or assistance. Thank-you muchly! 😁

Please call 0411 33 55 44 if you need more info and keep an eye on the IIHAA Facebook page for hockey updates.