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Welcome to Rollerway’s Roller Hockey

This page has some information on our hockey leagues, starting with what you need to know for our PeeWee Players – juniors, generally of primary school age or around 5-10 years old.

PeeWee Hockey is played on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and is our entry point for brand new junior hockey players.  We should mention that we have had some younger enthusiastic skaters as young as 2, and novice skaters aged 10–12-years, who also managed to fit in there quite well too!

The leagues run independently, so you can play one night or both, and the games are always played here at Rollerway.

The games have 2 x 15-minute halves, and start at 5:10pm or 5:45pm.

There are four teams in each league, playing in a round-robin format.  Your game times will likely alternate between the above times, to allow you to play a different team each week.

When starting (on your first day) you may choose to arrive a little before 5:00pm, and jump straight into the 5:10pm game, if there is room, or watch the first game to see how it all works, and join in on the 5:45pm. If you choose to wait until the second game, or want a bit of practice after the first game, please feel free to take advantage of our second practice rink (rear building) to get use to using a stick and puck while you skate. It is free to use for all players on their game night.

The links for the fixtures follow:

For Tuesday CLICK HERE
For Thursday CLICK HERE 

You can find your team colour and game time for the whole season on the above pages. You can also join our private hockey community group on Facebook too (CLICK HERE)

Once you have given it a try, and decided you would like to commit, our friendly staff will allocate you to a team, which you will stay with for the rest of the season. Occasionally, players may need to move around to assist in team balancing, but you’ll be asked before this happens (if it needs to) and this only happens on very rare occasions.

The aim of the PeeWee games is to teach our new young athletes how to work in a team environment, improve their skating skills, and to help them develop a fun and healthy attitude towards physical activity.  For young players, we de-emphasise the ultra competitive side of community sport, and focus on fun and personal development.  They have years to develop the former, once we have consolidated the latter.

Each team has new players, and a couple of more experienced youth players, who we rely on to help show our new and young players the ropes. You’ll be surprised how quickly some of our new players become helping hands. So, don’t be deterred by any skill discrepancies, as it’s all part of the process.

After some time in the PeeWee leagues, we have some social and recreational fun hockey pathways for you to look forward to. If the kids are really enjoying their hockey, and it’s becoming their passion and favourite sport, we have some other fun, but much more competitive options that can take them to faster leagues right here in Geelong, and eventually, even beyond to State & National or International teams, if their aspirations take them there!  Make no mistake, we have some of Australia’s best hockey players here in Geelong, and quite a few have represented Australia numerous times.

If you would like to know more about our various options and pathways, please don’t hesitate to ask. This includes the more social, or the more competitive directions kids can take.

You need very little or no gear to get started, but when you are ready, we have a fully stocked skate & hockey warehouse, right here at the centre.  Please don’t hesitate to ask about any skate or hockey gear either.

Please call  0411 335544

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