Tuesday Junior Hockey



Try or play Junior Hockey most Tuesdays – except school holidays

It’s never too late to join a team BTW!

Also check out:-
Our other Peewee League on Friday nights
Our Intermediate League on Wednesday nights

Both of our PEEWEE leagues are now for boys & girls who are (about) 5-10 years of age, although we have had regular players as young as 2! Under some circumstances we can accept players who are a little older, although we will need to assess each case individually. For absolute beginners, 10-12 year-olds will certainly be considered for this league!

What a great way to improve your skating and teamwork skills and have fun! Our junior hockey leagues are about developing the right attitude and learning basic skills in a fun and developmental environment. Special rules protect and encourage the players and make sure boys and girls (and mums & dads) can just have a great time without the pressure and issues that complicate other team sports. Try it!

After a while of “Fun Hockey” you may want to try something a little more competitive. If you do, check out our Intermediate Hockey. SEE HERE (10-13 years of age usually, but may suit 9-14’s)

Fun, first and foremost, and if you only play Peewees until age catches up – that’s perfectly alright too!
Whatever you do, enjoy the season and have FUN!

$10 per person – Hire also available
*Only $9 per person if 2 or more from same family


Please call 0411 33 55 44 if you need more info and keep an eye on the IIHAA Facebook page for hockey updates.

Hockey resumes 14 July – THIS PAGE WILL BE UPDATED ASAP