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0411 335544
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New to Skating Parties?
Extra details follow
Lots of fun
Easy to run
Great for EVERYONE!!!

Even when skating “casually” if 10 or 10+ in the group please call first

Please remember that parties must be pre-booked. There is enough room for everyone at just about every session, but party bookings are essential.

  • We do promise to do our best to make sure you have the most amazing and entertaining party!
  • As party parents, can we skate too?  What about our guests parents?  The answer is “yes” and “yes.”  Please see one of the following tabs (below) for more on this subject.

Also, call for more info on 0411 33 55 44

You can also see our FAQ

Longer, more fun, more engaging & cheaper!
Our long list of features includes…
  • Great for large or small groups
  • Non-stop entertainment — music, lights & games
  • Simple “quick start” for absolute beginners
  • Our cheat-sheet to help all skaters
  •  Lots of fun, regardless of age or skill
  • A dedicated party host for a little extra help
  • 100+ minutes of rink time per party
  • Keep your party table for full 2 hours
  • Use main & training rink
  • 2 x FREE coffees for party parents
  • FREE bowls of chips (crisps) for party table
  • FREE entry for non-skating supervising parents
  • FREE Rollerway Skate Centre wristband
  • Party Bags (where applicable) with more than just yummy stuff; they have a range of special offers/deals for ALL guests
  • Value for money and skate rental is included
  • You can also BYO skates
  • Even non-skaters learn to get around in minutes
  •  Catered packages include hot food, icy pole, drinks, AND an ice cream cake (just bring the kids!)
  • Snack bar operating all sessions

One important difference with us, is that you keep your party table for the full 2 hours. We don’t hurry you in and out of a booth!


You can also see our FAQ

Children as young as 5 years of age often have parties at Rollerway with previously non-skating guests learning the skill in minutes! Generally, however, our parties are recommended for kids who are 6 years old or older – although kids as young as one can skate – with a little patience – but it’s important not to rush them.

Did we mention that we even have quite a few 21st, 30th & 40th parties!?!

You can also see our FAQ

Firstly, if the birthday person’s parent want to skate, and don’t want the party deal, we only charge them standard entry (and hire, if needed).  If their parents – or grandparents – are not skating, then we do not charge them entry, of course.

Secondly, it should be noted that on any given weekend, we are often and primarily a birthday party venue. What about friends of friends; can we accommodate them? We have lots of extra room for general skaters at Rollerway. Although we do limit the number of parties we have at the Centre, we have heaps of room for non-party people. In the event that friends or siblings (or their parents) of your guests would like to come along for a skate, tell them, “Yes, you are very welcome!

Note, we use personalised wristbands for each party, which are totally different to the ones used by the general public, so that party parents only need to worry about their own guests – and let us worry about the rest!

You can also see our FAQ

Birthday party sittings are as follows

Sat & Sun Daytimes
& School Holidays
10 am-12 noon
12:15 -2:15 pm
2:30-4:30pm (n/a 16 Dec-4 Feb)
Friday Evenings
6-8 pm
Saturday Evenings
6:30-8:30 pm
Please don’t be early or late


We always have an eye on fun, excitement, and great value!
> Looking for Adult Platters CLICK HERE
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Freddo Ice cream cake for the kids parties
Freddo Frog Ice Cream Cake
Part of the Value Party!
Pepperoni or Margarita or Hawaiian Pizza Parties
*Pepperoni/Margarita/Hawaiian Pizza Party Options
Upgrade 2 to 3 slices for $1 extra pp
free party bag
Party bag includes, small bag of chips, sweets, and selection of skating related vouchers

Our Self-catered & All-inclusive Party Plans


2 hrs at any public session *Most Work*
$ 23 Per person - min. 10 - extra guests @ $23ea.
  • Priced from $230
  • BYO party food
    *most snack foods, sweets, cakes are O.K.
    *no outside hot food or items that need reheating or refrigeration allowed
  • Blades or Skates (if needed)
  • Corkage charge & table reservation, for a minimum of 10, included
  • Special Bonus
    for parties of 10 or more
  • Need a top-up?
    Snack bar is open all sessions
  • Food Management conditions apply - we can clarify what food safety rules apply
  • *We cannot book tables for less than 10 guests

Value Pack

2 hrs at any public session *Least Work*
$ 31 Per person - min. 10 - extra guests @ $31ea.
  • Priced from $310
  • Our best value deal with
    Hot Dog
    Party Bag
    Gift for B/day Child
  • Blades or Skates (if needed)
  • GLOW bracelet for all children
  • A FREDDO FROG ice cream cake
  • An icy pole each
  • “Bottomless” drinks
  • Free bowls of crisps for table
    for parties of 20 or more
  • Please call for parties with only 8 or 9

Value + Pizza

2 hrs at any public session *Least Work*
$ 33 Per person - min. 10 - extra guests @ $33ea.
  • Priced from $330
  • Great value deal with
    Pizza x 2 slices
    Party Bag
    Gift for B/day Child
  • Blades or Skates (if needed)
  • GLOW bracelet for all children
  • A FREDDO FROG ice cream cake
  • An icy pole each
  • “Bottomless” drinks
  • Free bowls of crisps for table
    for parties of 20 or more
  • Please call for parties with only 8 or 9
Booked in? Then, grab the party token below

For info or to book

Call 0411 33 55 44 now!

Complete the booking & secure your spot by purchasing your $145 Skating Party Token (Party Deposit)
Please remember to book first
— call 0411 335544 – then

↓Click Green Button to buy token (deposit)↓

Due to high message/email volumes, please call 0411 33 55 44 – please avoid text or email
After booking your party, buy a PARTY TOKEN (Deposit) to secure your spot (CLICK ABOVE)
Looking for OPTIONAL (Downloadable) PARTY INVITESCLICK HERE (small) or HERE (A4 Size)
*arrangements for parties are subject to change

Special Deals for Parties


A Rollerway Birthday Party can combine

    • A kid’s birthday party
    • A roller skating /rollerblading party
    • A disco party
    • A “weatherproof” party
    • An active party for active people
    • A party for all ages, and siblings
    • A party that can have mum & dad joining in the fun
    • A party that’s so easy to run

And with little or no extra effort, it can also have

    • A fancy dress / dress-up party
    • A theme party
    • A teenage birthday party – actually, these are really easy, and popular if you need to leave them alone
    • A 20th, 30th or 40th birthday party – why not do something different or re-live “the good old days

For a bit of a premium, when available, it can also be

Call us for more info 0411 335544


Rollerway is
School & Public Holidays

During public school holidays,
and for most public holidays, we have extra skating sessions, Monday to Friday, in addition to the weekend times – under normal circumstances.  We open for the Gazetted School Holidays, only.  Apologies to our private or religious school friends, but that can mean that we are not open to the public on some days you are still on holidays.

That also applies to Geelong & Melbourne Cup, as they are not considered “school holidays.” In other words, we do not open for general skating on either cup day, but we do have school bookings and our usual roller hockey leagues running those days.

We also close from Christmas Eve through to Boxing Day (24 Dec-26 Dec) inclusive, and we are closed both New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.

We do open:

  • Australia Day (normal school holiday day times; if it falls on a Fri or Sat, normal evening times, also)
  • Labour Day (12:00-4:30pm)
  • Good Friday (6:00-9:00pm only — no day session)
  • Easter Saturday (normal public times, but no skate lessons)
  • Easter Monday (normal school holiday day times)
  • ANZAC Day (session starts at 1:00pm)
  • King’s Birthday (12:00-4:30pm)
  • Grand Final Friday (normal school holiday day times, and normal evening times, also)

We are closed (on the actual days):

  • New Year’s Eve
  • New Year’s Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Geelong Cup
  • Melbourne Cup
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day

Please call if you would like further information: 04 11 33 55 44
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Parent/Adult Platters

Sweet or Savoury

Do you have a few mums & dads staying back to watch the kids at your party? Consider some of these optional sweet or savoury platters – they’re great with our coffee.

Sweet or Savoury Platters for parties

Coffee Sides Platter* $19 (~8 mini slices and some coffee biscuits)
Cheese Board Platter $29.50 (3-4 cheese varieties, 2 flavours of crackers)
Hot Food to Share:-
Bowl of Hot Chips
Pizzas $13-15.50
*If you would like our “mini slices & biscuits” platter, please request at the time of booking/confirming your party.

Call us for more info 0411 335544
Please avoid sending texts or emails
, as we are often unable to reply, and your message may remain unactioned, due to circumstances beyond our control. NB: Although our phone appears to be a mobile, messages are not forwarded in the usual way – please call, instead.  Thanks!


call us 9am-9pm