We can open these school holidays

We can open
We can open these school holidays


“We can now reopen (with ridiculously small, unsustainable, and totally unprofitable numbers). And yes, we are going to open anyway, for a maximum of 10 people.”

It’s School Holidays, and we’d hate to lose touch with our customers, our staff, and we just need to get out of the house!  We are certainly lucky in Country Vic, and we hope that we can stay lucky in Geelong too, and so we better talk about the “BUT”

  • Public Health Orders limit us to a maximum of 10 people (excluding babies under 12 months and staff)
  • Venue limits include & apply to everyone, including skaters & non-skaters, kids or adults
  • We are only offering 90-minute private sessions for $150 for the 10 (TEN) patrons – a highly reduced rate on the usual private session fee
  • Free roller skate or rollerblade hire is included in the private session price
  • We cannot offer individual ticket sales

This is the bit where we have to discuss “compliance”…

  • ON-THE-SPOT FINES of $1,817 for adults and up to $10,904 to business apply for breaches
  • COURT RELATED FINES of up to $21,808 for adults and $109,044 to business may also be applied
  • all patrons to follow all Public Health Directives
  • PROOF of residential address absolutely required

This is the bit where we bring up cruel ironies (realising that others are much worse off, and after all those weeks of lockdown, we probably just want to let off some steam)

Although we have a 2,000 sqm complex and our dual skating facility has 1,600 sqm of customer area, high levels of ventilation, and our Country NSW friends are restricted to 1:4 sqm, we are operating under 1:160 sqm.  We understand that we might be 40 times worse than they are, or that we are just a lot more thorough.

Phew, that feels better, and we think everyone might feel better after they come in for a roomy skate!! 😉

Please try to call with enquiries – 0411 335544

Also keep an eye on Rollerway’s Facebook page for updates HERE and our Instagram page HERE

We hope to catch up with see you soon!