Rollerway’s Outdoor Skating

  Rollerway’s Outdoor Skating Experience

“A typical session” *although may vary

With our new Outdoor Skating approach
we present, “an overview”

On arrival

  • Please arrive a few minutes early – but no more than 15 minutes
  • Check in at the entry/ticket box ( Remember your Ticket Code(s) )
  • Supervising Parents MUST have a ticket

After Entry

  • Your host will show you to the skate (hire) room to be fitted for skates/blades
  • Proceed to Café Area, put on your skates and await the end of the previous session (where applicable)

Skate Session Begins

  • The previous group will clear the outdoor rink and make their way to the skate (hire) room, through the blue floor (indoor/main rink) to avoid your group
  • You may then proceed via the carpeted area (passage near carpeted wall) and move to the outdoor rink: Please follow your host’s directions

Introduction & Safety

  • Your host will quickly take you through some features of the session, advise you of some safety tips, and provide some simple skating hints & tips

Skate & Have Fun!

  • Enjoy your skating time!

Conclusion of Session

  • 5-10 minute before the end, we’ll let you know, how long to go
  • At the end, skate or walk to the Skate Room/Café Area, across the main rink (not via the carpeted area) and remove rental/your skates, please (avoiding the other group waiting for their skate session)

Thanks for skating at Rollerway – we’ll always do our best to make it  fun!

Your host will fill in any gaps in the above overview


If you have any queries, please call us, as email/text/Facebook/Google/Instagram/iMaps message response times can vary considerably.

Tel: 0411 33 55 44

Also keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates HERE