Outdoor Rink Closing

Outdoor Rink Closing Soon

Outdoor Undercover Rink Closing on Sunday, 25 October

We tried! Normally, we are really busy for a few sessions each week – but closed when people are at work or school.  Because we work on small windows of opportunity, if we aren’t busy (and we can’t cross-subsidise our lesser activities with those busy days) it’s a struggle.

The outdoor-undercover rink was a worthwhile experiment, and a lot of fun for us and the skaters that tried it, but 10 people a session was just not sustainable.

In a few words, we have to pack things up at COB Sunday, 25 October, until the Victorian Government allows us to open up again, indoors. 

A MILLION thanks to our loyal followers, and we hope to see you soon.  What country Victoria will be allowed to do, and when, is anyone’s guess.  If we have to wait for Melbourne, it will likely be 23 November (or later) before we can open properly – indoors!

Ironically, once we get to COVID-Normal, the 4 sqm rule will likely apply, meaning that we will be permitted to have 300+ people…zero to 300, overnight – because we have over 1,500 sqm of floor space, and over 10,000 cubic metres of well ventilated air-space, and an amazing COVIDSafe Plan in reserve.

If you have a background in epidemiology, understand occupational hygiene (ventilation), infection control, aerosolisation of viral particles, and we have said anything inappropriate, please let us know.  If you think alternate approaches may serve the greater good ( e.g. Great Barrington Declaration – https://gbdeclaration.org) please let your member of Parliament know.

Thanks again, take care, and see you on the rink – hopefully!


If you have any queries, please call us, as email/text/Facebook/Google/Instagram/iMaps message response times can vary considerably.

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