June Lockdown Update

Lockdown Update

Our 2nd week of lockdown at Rollerway


With the extension of restriction for another week, we will remain closed until, at least, 10 June All activities are affected.

Like our counterparts in Metro & Country Vic, as an indoor sports venue, we cannot operate, in any capacity.  We are very sorry for the kids hoping to celebrate their birthday parties (after enduring a similar lockdown last year).  We are equally sorry for all of our hockey players, all the families & friends, all the groups of mates hoping to enjoy some fun on skates, or to participate in our “Adult Only Night” or other special events.

Issues of public health are of paramount importance for Australia, for Victoria, and for us.  We respect the public health advice, and hope everyone can stay well, and work with the rest of the community to get through this difficult time.  The 4th lockdown has many ramifications, and we will work with all of our patrons and party parents to make sure that we look after you and your families.  We have never hesitated to reschedule, refund, or to try to accommodate people, as required and appropriate.

We hope that you can be patient with us, as we work through a number of items, as we enter what is normally our busier time of the year.  We will call everyone affected by this lockdown and work with you to get results.

Stay healthy and we will all be back skating again, very soon!

Thanks to all members of our crew, our teams, and our greater community.


Please try to call with any enquiries (o411 335544) .  Avoid Messaging/email contact, as email/text/Facebook/Google/Instagram/iMaps message volumes are extremely high, and there can be long delays in responding.  We have extended our office ours to make it easier to call.  After 8:00PM you may call the centre directly on (03) 5223 2481, when the centre is open, but otherwise, please call o411 335544.

Also keep an eye on Rollerway’s Facebook page for updates HERE and our Instagram page HERE