Inline Skate/Rollerblade Sales

Inline Skate/Rollerblade Sales

“Google, Taser, and Xerox are all examples of brand names that have become so commonplace, that they have become the generic word for the thing!”  No doubt you know that Rollerblades or “blades” are the common term for inline skates, and you may also know that Rollerblade started something really big, that’s really fun, and now available in a range of “flavours” & styles.

Inline skates are engineered for speed but can function on-road, on-rink, and even off-road!  They are obviously great for fun and fitness, for inline roller hockey, but did you know that they are almost as efficient as a push-bike (and arguably, a lot more fun and portable!)

We are now selling inline skates/blades in-store, 7-days per week.  As we are primarily a sports centre, we usually open our skate shop nights & weekends, when most of our customers can come and play or skate.

Come in and see us after work, after school, or after you put the kids to bed!  Monday to Thursday, during the term, we’re usually open 5:00-9:30PM, and Friday to Sunday, the shop operates during our general skating sessions (Times Here)The Skate Shop is OPEN extra daytime hours, during the week, during “official school holidays.”

Check out some of our kid’s adjustable inline skates, below.  Skates sell quickly but we get deliveries most weeks – if your size is temporarily out, and the Aussie supplies have spare stock, we can get them to you ASAP.

The Focus Adjustable Inline Skates come in SMALL (12-2) MEDIUM (3-6) LARGE (7-10) – colour & size availability may vary – they sell for $159 and how nice are they!?!

We also have Sliders (when available) in SMALL (Y10-Y13) MEDIUM (1-4) LARGE (5-8) for $99

And did you say Fashion Statement On Wheels?

You must have heard about Impala Roller Skates by now, so you should see the amazing Impala Lightspeed Inline Skates in the most exciting range of colours, ever!

Impala Lightspeed Inline Skates in amazing colours

Impala Inlines are $199

On this page we are just showing you some examples, so why not show you some inline roller hockey skates?  Hockey skates are usually priced from $300-$1,500 and they come in all sorts of size with all sorts of features, and watch them transform your skating and watch them simply change your game!

Bauer Inline Hockey Skates

As we said, just a few examples.  Come and see us in-store (at the centre) and check out the skates, in person.

 Great for birthday or Christmas presents, or for a bit of self-indulgence! 

Please call with enquiries – 0411 335544

Also keep an eye on Rollerway’s Facebook page for updates HERE and our Instagram page HERE

We hope to see you soon!