Back To School

Back to School

Back to School Times and Activities

From Mon-Sun public skating during School Holidays, we switch back to School Term Times, from Mon 12 July.

Back to hockey Mon-Thu

During the “Official” School Terms (which may not apply to some private or religious schools) we have kids’ & adults’ roller hockey leagues playing Mon-Thur evenings, and public skating from Friday evening to Sunday Afternoon, and during school hours, we open for schools only (by appointment).

With thousands of kids catching up with their school mates, if they have a birthdays coming up soon, it might be time to organise a Skating Birthday Party.  SKATING PARTY INFO HERE

If you would like to bring friends or family for a skate over the weekend OPENING TIMES HERE

BTW we have skating classes Sat & Sun 4:45-5:30pm – $12 with FREE skate hire – learn to skate with us and have more fun


If you would like to try roller hockey (inline roller hockey) regardless of skill, or age, or gender, we’ll have a league for you and/or your whole family!  Call in and say “Hi” Monday-Thursday, after 5:00pm and we can give you the lowdown! You may also call our enquiry line on 0411 335544.   FIXTURE INFO HERE


Please try to call with any enquiries (0411 335544) .  Avoid Messaging/email contact, as email/text/Facebook/Google/Instagram/iMaps message volumes are extremely high, and there can be long delays in responding.  We have extended our office ours to make it easier to call.  After 8:00PM you may call the centre directly on (03) 5223 2481, when the centre is open, but otherwise, please call 0411 335544.

Also keep an eye on Rollerway’s Facebook page for updates HERE and our Instagram page HERE