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Helping Hand Program

Lending the community a helping hand


lending a hand


Rollerway’s donation program


Having been a part of Geelong’s community for several generations, we have always enjoyed helping not only the local community but also many individuals and groups from many other places.


Our donation program includes both in-kind and real dollar help to many people and groups and we are pleased to carry on this tradition as long as we continue to operate.  The program takes up a significant part of our gross turnover, and because we are well know throughout Australia, our support is frequently sought by many individuals and groups, all with extremely valuable and important causes – sometimes each more significant than the last!


On average we get 10-15 requests for help each week, and we also have groups that we have historically been involved with, and although they do not always ask, we do always try to help them too.


Our very modestly staffed administration deals with about 100 general enquiries each day from emails, telephone call, texts, Facebook messages, and general correspondence, in addition to the day-to-day admin requirements of operating a busy centre that has Australia’s biggest in-house hockey leagues, an active online shop and import/export operation, some 10,000 party/group guests to cater for each year, and needs to coordinate equipment and maintenance for the additional 30,000+ general (public) skaters, and our school-time and school-holiday activities.


We review ALL donation requests but it is not always possible to respond to all in a timely manner and, regrettably, it is also not possible to accommodate all requests.  It is sad to think that we may have to look past some very worthwhile and very sad requests but we are bound by some unfortunate logistical limitations.  Please accept our apologies if we cannot help everyone who asks.


If you charity or group or cause would like to be considered, please email the following details to


Name of person responsible for the activity:

Name of organisation:

Registered Address (or simply the official or home address):

Mobile telephone no.:

Work or Home Land-line no. for verification:

Type of donation requested:

Purpose of donation (please avoid emotional language):

Supporting information (100 words or less please):


Are you known to our staff/club? 

If so please give details:

If not, please provide personal/professional reference(s)* – *not required for schools:


We regret any inconvenience the above may cause but by streamlining the process we can deal with more people promptly and therefore help many more over the course of any given year.  The almost ubiquitous nature of our vouchers and fund-raising family passes means that we need to have a careful protocol for how we issue them, to protect their integrity and their authenticity, and deter those who would take advantage of the centre at the cost of all those people with genuine needs and important causes to foster.


We do try to do our best!