Sorry – we aren’t allowed to open – yet

Sorry - we aren't allowed to open

IT’S HEARTBREAKING! We’ve had so many calls already, from people expecting to come skating. 


We were expecting to reopen with the return of a “Stage 2” level of restrictions, as we did in winter, but despite advancing 2 Roadmap Steps, Geelong venues cannot open with “Stage 2” numbers (or less) until 20 November, or later.

COVID safety or expediency?

We are having trouble getting a hearing for our industry, because despite dealing with millions of people every year, the service is provided by a small group of centres (57 inline/ice/roller rinks, not including community centres).  So we a lumbered in with a plethora of other venues, irrespective of actual risk (more below)

Some disturbing issues

(1) We can’t table our position & evidence regarding how we are SAFER than outdoor activities, i.e. we have not been given the opportunity to do so.

(2) Not only can’t we (in Geelong) open in a highly reduced way, we can’t open until “COVID Normal,” which is when Melbourne centres are scheduled to be given the go-ahead.  Even then, numbers will be reduced to exceedingly low levels.

Because winter is our industry’s busiest time of year, by the time we can open, the industry will be decimated – which would be fair enough in some ways, if it was in the public health’s interest – but we can show that it isn’t.  We can show the current assumptions are wrong, not with emotive arguments, but with data and medical and epidemiological facts.

Moving forward?

We will keep trying and we are always looking at options and alternatives, but many just aren’t viable, although we will always keep trying!!

Thanks for your patience & support and sorry we can’t help you, our skating community, in the immediate future.

BTW, the discussion should be about VIRAL LOAD & RISK not about over generalisation.  We meet or exceed all the following equivalents with the old Stage 2 restrictions; does or will any classroom, ever?  Does any restaurant, shop, playground, or park exceed all of them? (see image)

Rink room v school classroom COVID safety comparisons

As always, please stay tuned and stay safe!

If you have any queries, please call us, as email/text/Facebook/Google/Instagram/iMaps message response times can vary considerably.

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