Outdoor Temporary Skating Rink

Outdoor Temporary Skating Rink
Conditions of Entry

Please note the following general information, conditions, advice, and warnings

These important conditions, legal restrictions, and safety issues cannot be ignored! We are NOT operating normally! Make NO assumptions! COVID-Safe may NOT be safe!


We’ll do our best to entertain you, but these are unprecedented times – don’t be surprised by anything!

Clarification: Where the following advisory mentions “you”, it refers to “you, your family or children, your wards or associates, and anyone that you purchased tickets for, or for whom you are responsible for,” as may be applicable

  • 10 People limit applies to our activities, other than where exemptions legally apply
  • Skating sessions will be conducted outdoors and there are additional risks when skating outside
  • Supervising parents need a “free ticket” (for contact tracing)
  • There are adverse weather issues that may affects us and increase risk
  • Our “Raincheck” policy will offer a full or partial credit if the the skating session is materially affected by rain
  • We are providing some additional guidance to new skaters, to help them get started, but this is not an exhaustive lesson and skating on our temporary rink is materially riskier than skating indoors
  • We offer rental roller-skates & rental inline-skates (Rollerblades) but cannot offer rental protective equipment – please bring your own if you wish to use it
  • The skating floor has a downward gradient and we have modified activities to suit, but although the skating tiles are superior to most bitumen or concrete surfaces, and far more even and smooth than standard outdoor surfaces, it is not a fully-level surface over the length of the rink, and additional risks are involved
  • The usual risks associated with skating are varied, but they will be amplified in the temporary environment we provide
  • You must accept any and all risk when skating with us
  • A completed liability waver will be required (digitally or physically signed)
  • If you are unwell, in any way, or have any physical or mental illness that may affect your health or the health of others, while skating, you must advise us, and where such conditions are even moderately significant, you must avoid the activity altogether
  • You must comply with all COVID-19 restrictions, including fully avoiding our staff and patrons (by not attending) if you have any cold and flu-like symptoms, even of the slightest nature:  It is illegal for you to attend if you have symptoms and you must be tested for the virus, for your sake, and for the well-being of the community
  • You must always act safely and in the best interest of any and all people in attendance at or near our centre
  • Please monitor our website (https://www.rollerway.com.au – including the times & news pages, and the ticketing links) and our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/rollerwayskate.centre) for updates.

No Refunds
If you do not understand anything, please ask
If you aren’t entirely happy, please avoid the activity
We cannot guarantee anything due to the many unknowns and unprecedented circumstances

Thank-you for your understanding and cooperation


All said and done, we hope you have fun!

If you have any queries, please call us, as email/text/Facebook/Google/Instagram/iMaps message response times can vary considerably.

Tel: 0411 33 55 44