November to Remember

Rollover October Remember November

Rollover October
Let’s make it a
“November to Remember!”

Our Halloween weekend starts on Friday, 29 October, at 6:00PM, with new density limits, and more room for friends & families, and old-school birthday parties!
Heading into November, we’ll be bringing back some of our favourites, like the “AO 18+ Only Night,”  Extended flexible sessions on Saturdays, Sundays, and School Holidays.

Want to know about our parties? SEE HERE  To book your party, please call 0411 33 55 44

Skating session tickets available HERE

Opening times may be found HERE

Inline Roller Hockey Leagues for kids & adults HERE

Please try to call with enquiries – 0411 335544

Also keep an eye on Rollerway’s Facebook page for updates HERE and our Instagram page HERE

We hope to see you soon!