Moving Forward with Skating Parties

Sunday 19 September UPDATE

We are a bit speechless.  The first week of the holidays is lost to everyone.  Sorry.  Fingers crossed for the second week!

Naturally, some of you may have mobilised your families, and we had certainly mobilised our staff.  Both revving up and winding down the operation (and revving it back up again) takes considerable resources, so if we take a bit longer to respond to or action requests, please accept our apologies – it’s not deliberate.

Not everybody here may have seen the following links, which we have scattered throughout our website:
If you want to know more about the ACCC’s rules, see here: CLICK LINK
Consumer Affairs Victoria info here: CLICK LINK

Saturday 18 September UPDATE

We can finally open but as we have said elsewhere “With ridiculously small, unsustainable, and totally unprofitable numbers.  And yes, we are going to open anyway, for a maximum of 10 people.” Clearly, the former numbers are insanely small, but we still can make them fun.

We started working on reopening Thursday, and we will arrive on Monday, 20 September.  Writing this update at 10:00PM and so it’s a bit late to send 100’s of “update” texts to all the party parents, but we will be submitting to you all a special optional offer, for your consideration, for these school holidays – hopefully Sunday (tomorrow) morning.

Previous UPDATE

We are running with just a skeleton crew, and some 20 staff are still stood down, so things are running slower than we would like, but we’ll get there, and – as always – thank-you for your patience and understanding.

Please take a few moments to read the earlier info & options. The arrangements discussed contain offers that are over and above what we offer the general public, and exclusive to the kids affected by the repeated lockdown events.

If you would like to skip to what we can offer, and pass on the details, scroll down to the green writing and also check out the “party plan OLD vs NEW” images below.


During tough times, we still want to offer the prospect of fun and a sense of cooperation, and mutual benefit.

Most of our weekend day skaters are kids aged 5-13, and most of them celebrating birthday parties.  Evenings have a slightly older cohort, and it’s been great to see so many adults starting up or returning to skating.  We want to do our best to protect the investment families have made in things like birthday parties.  We also need to protect our skating community (including Australia’s largest roller hockey league) and our staff, and doing so in as fair a way as possible.


We will repeat a statement we published on social media (below),  but the key message is that two years of disrupted attendances during our busiest time has threatened our future.  We also know that in many cases it’s the same kid’s parties that were affected last year, which are again disrupted.  We would like to offer all the kids a chance to have those parties, for their sake, and for ours too.  The self-interest here goes beyond the small  party profit we might make; without party kids bringing in more kids, we are in trouble.

We are seeing a range of reactions to the lockdowns, and we are therefore going to offer all deferred party folks a variety of options, as follows:

  • You can keep your original party plans – relocated to a mutually acceptable time & day
  • You can convert to the new party plans (see below) – relocated to a mutually acceptable time & day
  • If you have no other option, due to personal reasons, and cannot have your party or get-together with us, we can give you a gift voucher to recoup your deposit, and it will be valid up to 30 June 2022.

The last option allows you to further use your deposit to go towards new skates, family passes, individual admissions, and protects the value of the funds you paid.  It doesn’t really address our greater problem of having novice skaters try skating by virtue of coming to a party.  It is at least a compromise that we can all, hopefully, live with.

We believe that some Public Health guidelines and options will be expanded on or elaborated during a Vic Gov statement to be made from Monday 30th August through to Thursday 2nd September.  We understand that the lockdown is going to continue, and that some changes will be introduced from there, in an unspecified way.  It does appear that country Victoria should be a little optimistic, but it might be appropriate to look at things becoming a bit more favourable by the September School Holidays (this is speculative, but we hope that you, like the rest of us can hang in there).

Old Vs New Party Options

Changing Party Plans

If you have booked a Deluxe Party already, we will honour our old price of $23 per person, rather than the new price of $27.  If you have a Standard Party booking, it will still be available to your family, and at the original price of $20 per person – the Standard Party will no longer be available, in the foreseeable future, to others.


So much going on, all around us. It feels almost selfish to self-promote. What to do, when you need your community’s support to help you get through this? We are part of a niche sport, and everyone (everyone) working with us are skaters, and the majority, competitive skaters.  We are committed to skating.  We don’t want donations, but – after we reopen – we would love you to come skating again, and tell your friends, if you like your party or activity (that’s all).
Nowadays, most advertising is just “noise,” and we really need people to come back, or to try skating for the first time, and help us with “word-of-mouth.”  We don’t get any special local, state, or federal government support to help with sport promotion, and totally understand that as a niche sport, this won’t change.  If YOU can just come in for a visit, and talk about, post, or share your experience, it’s worth way more than any ads or grants.

Please have your birthday, scout or church or school group activities with us; bring your friends, partners, and kids for a skate. It would be awesome!!Hey, any recent/outstanding BIRTHDAY PARTY people, we’ll be speaking to you again very soon, with some news & updates!


We are currently running with extremely limited resources, but hope that you don’t mind interacting with us via phone.  If possible, if you can wait until Wednesday (1st of September) we understand that some clearer directions will be stated by the Premier, by then.  But feel free to call earlier if you need to.  Our enquiry line 0411 33 55 44 is staffed from 9:00AM-6:00PM Monday to Friday and 10:00AM-5:00PM Saturday & Sunday, during these lockdowns.  The Centre’s direct line (5223 2481) will not be staffed.

We will try to stay in touch and keep you updated.  Each lockdown impacts about 600-1000 people, and although we have to streamline things, we will get information to you, one way or another.

If we are unable to speak with you, or you with us (or if you prefer to wait until Country Victoria has a clear pathway to reopen) we will give all current bookings the first option, and the highest priority, when it comes to hosting their party or group activity.


The volume of outstanding messages is significant, and the duties of the few remaining staff are considerable, and the enquiry line number may be diverted to the duty officer’s phone, and so anything other than a telephone call may just not get to the person who can help you.  The phone always will get results (and we return all missed calls) even if it takes a little while.


We will do our very best to look after all stakeholders, and we hope to work with everyone to still deliver fun and value to all families associated with the centre.  Please try and work with us during these crazy times; it will help protect about 20 jobs, our iconic skating community, and deliver some active fun to the local kids.

Please try to call with enquiries – 0411 335544
Also keep an eye on Rollerway’s Facebook page for updates HERE and our Instagram page HERE
We hope to catch up with see you soon!

We hope that you can bear with us during one of the toughest periods in our 46 year history.