May Skating Update

May Skating Update

May Skating Update

May 2021


With ANZAC Day behind us, and Mother’s Day ahead, we noticed that our party bookings have clustered around a few days, although we still have room left for most times & days in May.  Public sessions run Friday evening through to Sunday afternoon, and party bookings may be made during those, by calling o411 335544.  BTW you can also book parties during the extra sessions we run during Public Holidays.

All of our hockey leagues are are running, and we are geared up for an exciting Winter Season – never too late to join.  Experience, age or gender should be no barrier, and you are always welcome to join.  Leagues run Monday – Thursday evenings.


Our AO (Adults Only) Skate for 18+ will be held on 1st of May, from 8:30-10:30PM. Adults only and no alcohol! We may be having these on the 1st Saturday of the month, in future: follow us on Facebook for more updates.

The Onesie & Oodie Night will be held on 22nd of May, from 6:30-8:30PM. You can, if you want, wear your Onsie or Oodie when you come in for a skate – a bit of fun!


Please try to call with any enquiries (o411 335544) .  Avoid Messaging/email contact, as email/text/Facebook/Google/Instagram/iMaps message volumes are extremely high, and there can be long delays in responding.  We have extended our office ours to make it easier to call.  After 8:00PM you may call the centre directly on (03) 5223 2481.

Also keep an eye on Rollerway’s Facebook page for updates HERE and our Instagram page HERE