Lockdown 7 Update


Country Victoria’s 7th COVID-19 Lockdown

Obviously, a difficult and complicated time, for many people, and in many different ways.  Rollerway has had many looks since 1975, and the current Rollerway Newtown, has achieved many things, since December 1993.

Those of you who have visited us over the last couple of years, would have seen the massive reinvestment we have made, during challenging times.  We have always been optimistic, and we have tried to progressively improve.

For 2 years now, our busiest and vital Autumn-to-Spring activities have been severely disrupted.  We are a “non-traditional” sport AND recreational activity, and we don’t get any special local, state, or federal government support to help with sport promotion & development, and totally understand that as a niche sport & activity, this wont change.

The Geelong Community has always supported us, for which we are eternally grateful.  Based on our own pre lockdown 4 figures, and national trends reflected in minimally locked down states (WA/QLD) we were expecting 80-100,000 people attending the centre this year – these were conservative figures!  Like any activity that is not otherwise linked to traditional structures associated with schools, councils, and other infrastructure icons (referring to sports such as footy or netball, for example) we depend very much on YOU to “have a go” and tell your friends.  Good-old word of mouth!

When people don’t attend the centre, due to lockdowns or very severely restricted numbers, people aren’t talking about activities they aren’t trying…to say the obvious.  Hopefully, we will beat COVID to a level where things become somewhat normal, soon. PLEASE BEAR WITH US, PLEASE DON’T FORGET US, PLEASE WORK WITH US, or we may not be here in 2022. 

Hey! We’re optimistic!  We can do this!  Be patient. Be brave. Visit us…don’t give up, we won’t!  Just work with us…please.  GO TEAM!

Please try to call with enquiries – 0411 335544

Also keep an eye on Rollerway’s Facebook page for updates HERE and our Instagram page HERE

We hope to catch up with see you soon!