February Update

Feb Update

February Update

Wow, Geelong people are so resilient!  Snap Lockdowns, Facebook issues, weird weather, and we haven’t been this busy in February for a long time.  Don’t worry, even at our busiest, we still average 16 square metres per person, with great air exchange, and a very effective COVIDSafe plan. (CLICK FOR OPENING TIMES)

Birthday party bookings have really picked up, as anyone who visits us will tell you, so if you want a really fun party for the kids – that engages them from pretty much two hours –  book early, because numbers are limited. (CLICK FOR MORE)

Roller Hockey Leagues head into finals in March, but there’s still time and room for anyone interested to have a try, and maybe join a team.  Boys & girls, mums & dads, younger or older adults – everyone is welcome, and there’s a level to suit anyone. (CLICK FOR MORE)

Labour Day Monday, 8th of March. We’re open 12:00-4:30 for general skating, and our roller hockey leagues run in the evening, as usual, too.

Skate Shop open nights & weekends.  We’re a sports centre, and so our skate shop is open whenever people can come in to play or skate – after school/work, and throughout the weekend.  Although there is a world-wide shortage of  roller and inline skates, we’ve managed to have a reasonable selection of brands & sizes.  Come in and check them out, some time.

If you have any queries, please call us, as email/text/Facebook/Google/Instagram/iMaps messages are unreliable.

Tel: 0411 33 55 44

Also keep an eye on Rollerway’s Facebook page for updates HERE (or HERE) and our Instagram page (HERE).  Snapchat & TikTok pages will be online soon!