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Powerslide Aeon Lomax 60 USD Aggressive Inline Skates

Powerslide Aeon Lomax 60 USD Aggressive Inline Skates
Powerslide Aeon Lomax 60 USD Aggressive Inline Skates Powerslide Aeon Lomax 60 USD Aggressive Inline Skates
Brand: Powerslide
Product Code: Aeon Lomax 60 USD
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Powerslide Aeon Lomax 60 USD Aggressive Inline Skates

Named after Nick Lomax who "has been destroying Barcelona and anything else in his path since he first strapped on a pair of Aeon skates."  USD says that it only makes sense that he receives the first signature Aeon Model. They come in a sleek matte black and features 60mm wheels, with better roll. The skates also feature a brand new My Fit Skinny Boy Liner, which allows the fit of two shoe sizes in just one shell. Options! . 

The Lomax, like other USD Aeon skates, incorporate revolutionary concepts that has been designed and refined by the top USD designers and pro skaters. The USD Aeon skate is the first skate in the modern era to utilize a Unibody construction, which translated means that the shell, soulplate, and frame are all one solid piece. The benefits to this design include a lighter skate, less hardware and less headaches, and a lower center of gravity that directly translates into more control. Additional features include a new Aeon Shock Absorber, replaceable 45° Velcro Power strap, and an adjustable V-Cut Cuff. 




  • Unibody Contstruction
  • 60mm flat frame
  • low profile counter-sunk wheel cut outs
  • internal reinforcements
  • 256mm wheel base
  • 60mm USD Wheels
  • ABEC 7 bearings
  • Replaceable 45° Velcro Power strap
  • 2-way rockerable V-Cuff
  • Aeon Shock Absorber
  • NEW My Fit Skinny Boy DUAL FIT Liner


Theses skates feature a new Dual Size liner and are available in the following sizes:

EUR 39-40 / US 6-7 / UK 5-6
EUR 41-42 / US 7.5-8 / UK 6.5-7
EUR 43-44 / US 9-10 / UK 8-9
EUR 45-46 / US11-12 / UK 10-11


Our experience suggests that like with the Roces aggressive collection, and others like the Gyro, Eraser, and more, many Aussie skaters prefer to go up one size, so for example if you take a US 10, you may want to consider a US 11 - bearing in mind the skates' size range anyway.


The new USD range signals our return to aggressive skate sales after taking a few years off.  Given that we are one of the few centres with a real skate park, we are offering a temporary discount on the USD range to mark this event - but for a limited time only!



Price: $499.95

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