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Masters Mayhem

Sunday 29 July and / or Saturday Evening 28 July 2018

It's back!


35+ / 45+ Tournament


Masters Mayhem


In keeping with the Mayhem tradition, the tournament will be 3-on-3 under the King of the Rink Rules.  Four teams with a maximum of 6 players and one goalie each. All teams play 11 x 11 minute games, including finals.  BBQ at the end!


NB: Information below is indicative and based on 2017 tournament.  For 2018 we have extended time options and details will be made available closer to the date, i.e. the tournament may run on either, or encompass both, Saturday evening and Sunday morning, the last weekend in July.


All players to be over 35 years of age as at the start of the year, and two players per team must be over 45 years of age, also as of the start of the year*.  Female players to be over 30. *Teams will be drafted, for team-balancing.  Dispensations will only be considered in special circumstances. Cost per player $48.


See here for fixtures
See here for team lists (Not Finalised)


Doors Open 45 minutes before first game
All players should arrive by 30 minutes before the first game to ensure all admin and prep work is completed before the puck drop.


  • Game Fees are per player and must be paid before a team takes the floor (fee information below)
  • Indemnity wavers must be filled in by all players
  • Personal Sports Insurance, and Health & Hospital Benefits Insurance, and Income Protection Insurance are all recommended for the event but are the individual's responsibility to organise



A brief presentation will be made to all participants at the end of the Tournament and prior to the BBQ & "refreshments"


The tournament is a 3-on-3 King of the Rink style round-robin. Games are 11 minutes each, running clock. This includes puck behind goal line & attacking team clearing the zone after a whistle. Minimum 4 players & Goalie.

  • Warm up off rink before game
  • Clock resets to 11 minutes immediately after the previous game
  • The puck drops immediately the goalies are ready
  • Minor Infringements: Chasing Penalties
  • Major Penalties: Game Suspension
  • Misconduct: Tournament Ejection



If teams have equal points & equal goals for/against, a head-to-head comparison will decide the ultimate placing, failing that a shootout before finals will be the decider

At the conclusion of a final, tied teams get a 3 min. sudden death period

If needed, a sudden death shootout will follow


See here for team lists (Not Finalised)


Team composition will be subject to team balancing considerations.


$48 per player

Over 75 years of age FREE! (May not apply to Div 1 septuagenarians)


You may also ring/text 0411 33 55 44 or email for more info

Please note sample fixtures below are from 2017 and will be updated for 2018.  With the expected expansion, some games may be played on the Saturday evening prior, making the tournament a 2-day affair.



Teams & times to be updated in 2018

8:10 Gerry Hat-Tricks Ice Holes
8:21 Jagr Bombs Puck Norris
8:32 Puck Norris Gerry Hat-Tricks
8:43 Ice Holes Jagr Bombs
8:54 Ice Holes Puck Norris
9:05 Gerry Hat-Tricks Jagr Bombs
9:16 Ice Holes Gerry Hat-Tricks
9:27 Puck Norris Jagr Bombs
9:38 Gerry Hat-Tricks Puck Norris
9:49 Jagr Bombs Ice Holes
10:00 Puck Norris Ice Holes
10:11 Jagr Bombs Gerry Hat-Tricks
10:22 Gerry Hat-Tricks Ice Holes
10:33 Jagr Bombs Puck Norris
10:44 Puck Norris Gerry Hat-Tricks
10:55 Ice Holes Jagr Bombs
11:06 Ice Holes Puck Norris
11:17 Gerry Hat-Tricks Jagr Bombs
11:28 Break  
11:39 1st 4th
11:50 2nd 3rd
12:01 BRONZE  
12:12 GOLD  
12:23 Presentations  
12:34 End  
...-> BBQ!


Team List

Teams to be updated in 2018

Gerry Hat-Tricks


Dave W

Tim D


Mick R


Ryan L (G)

Ice Holes







      Roger (G)    

   Jagr Bombs


Cory O





Ash S (G)

 Puck Norris







John (G)


You may also ring/text 0411 33 55 44 or email for more info