Rollerway Skate Centre - Newtown

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Skate Park

Open during our public sessions*

*Times may vary - call 0411 33 55 44 to confirm
Or check out our opening times HERE


Skate Park



Have you been to our indoor skate park lately?

Adjacent to the hockey/general skating facility, the Ramp Room offers skateboarders, BMX riders, street-skaters, and scooter riders an alternative setting.


Skate indoors.  Great any time but even more so when it rains, when it's dark, or when it's too hot outside. OPENING TIMES HERE


Have fun!


Please note that Helmets must be worn by all Skate Park users at all times


PLEASE NOTE: From March 2018 the Skate Park will begin a transformation into a multi-purpose facility. Some ramps will be retained but others will be removed to permit the introduction of a Practice Rink, a Jumping Castle, and an expanded kiosk & party area.  Sorry for any inconvenience.



The Skate Park is usually OPEN any time the Centre is open for general skating sessions, but it's closed during hockey or school sessions.

Skate Park Features

  • MainRun featuring a killer quarter-pipe, multi-level ramps and modular fun-box
  • The "BigMini" half-pipe is always fun

Come on down and give it go sometime...

Need more info.?
Call 0411 33 55 44