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Alkali RPE Zenith+ Skates

Alkali RPE Zenith+ Skates
Alkali RPE Zenith+ Skates Alkali RPE Zenith+ Skates Alkali RPE Zenith+ Skates Alkali RPE Zenith+ Skates Alkali RPE Zenith+ Skates
Brand: Alkali
Product Code: Alkali RPE Zenith+
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Alkali RPE Zemith + Inline Roller Hockey Skates


These skates are designed for Elite-level play and are perfect for typical Aussie feet.  They are not only heat-mouldable, they are broader than most other brands and also have extra room in the instep with their modified tongue.  Comfort and performance.


  • Ultra-lightweight Purlyn Quarter Package
  • High-tech thermoplastic that is very lightweight, strong and heat moldable
  • Comfort Edge Wraps at the tops of the quarter package to prevent high ankle abrasions
  • Strategic wear patches on the insides and outsides of the boot for increased durability
  • Reduced Toe Spring and Improved Ergonomic Design allows players to get over the front of the skate and power through strides
  • Foam ankle pads strategically lock heel for maximum power transfer
  • Flexible Injected Tendon Guard with improved durability
  • Activ Wick Liner is made from very durable material  which wicks away moisture and keeps feet dry
  • Lo-Pro, One-Piece Hybrid Tongue provide excellent comfort and feel
  • Thermo-formable-foams mould to the foot during the baking process
  • Low-profile design increases internal volume for wider feet or taller instep
  • Maximum Power Transfer Composite Outsole
  • Built-in low profile wheel-channels designed for the Movement Chassis
  • Labeda Movement One-Piece CNC Extruded High Quality Aluminum Chassis
  • Recessed second wheel gives the player a more aggressive skating stance and a lower center of gravity


In the end, whether its the rail design, the boot design, the way the wheels integrate into the unit, the way the skates come together greatly improves balance, has a more aggressive turning radius, and allows players to get more out of each stride. Mixed radius wheels were a step forward in the days when players where on 72mm wheels, but with the improved rail and boot design, it makes no sense to skate on smaller wheels that slow you down, especially when there are better ways of improving maneuverability. 


Featuring Labeda Addiction Signature series wheels & Labeda Swiss Lite 608 Bearings

Size 6.0 = all 76mm wheels
Sizes 7.0 - 13 = all 80mm wheels


Price: $649.00 $599.00

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